Even a Person Who Is All Thumbs Like Me Can Now Do “That Knot” and Column ties

i attended Midori’s rope dojo in Toronto and it was great… though i am a rope bottom, everybody in the class got to practice and so, well i may have “cinched with gusto” a couple of times using a bit too much gusto, so… i got to pay for it later

the dojo is well thought out with ample time for practice and interaction, even a person who is all thumbs like me can now do “that knot” and column ties…

there are even some more fun times where folks work in groups and get to show off their creativity..

i loved the dojo and would recommend it to anyone

owned by Mistress Christine

Pack a huge amount of information

Midori and Delano packed a huge amount of information about rope and rope technique into a very well structured seminar. Midori’s a great presenter, with the knowledge, experience, and superb delivery, so time flew by as she filled our heads with the really important stuff.
I thoroughly recommend the dojo to anyone who wants to know about rope in kinky play.”

Trevor H. Jacques; author and kink researcher. http://WholeSM.com

DC Dojo Beyond Belief

My partner and I attended Midori’s rope dojo in DC this past weekend. It was fabulous. Exceeded all my expectations. Midori, you are an outstanding instructor. You have such incredible depth of knowledge and your delivery of the material is entertaining, interesting and informative. My partner was suffering from a killer migraine this weekend and missed parts of it. We are going to try to make to San Francisco in November to take it again.

If any of you have not taken this course I would highly recommend it. Everything was five-star. Do not miss the opportunity to see the master at work. It’s beyond belief.

Thank you Midori for imparting your knowledge to us so openly. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.


Trained By Midori

Two weekends ago, Michele, Delano, Seraphin and I headed down to The Crucible in Washington DC for Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo. Wow! Sixteen full hours of rope education spread over two days. Midori is a great teacher who explains everything fully as she demonstrates and then works with everyone in the class as everybody the does it on each other. Everybody was expected to switch and everybody did. I had heard that we would be given speed drills and team projects and I was a little apprehensive about those, but when it came to actually doing it, I was confident in being able to do everything and I managed just fine – actually better than fine! These exercises actually made it even easier to learn everything.

And there was a lot to learn: four different two-column ties, two body harnesses, hand and foot bondage, a dildo harness and, at the end, we learned how to do self-suspension. We also were taught the history of Japanese rope bondage, the many reasons (intents) why people like to do rope bondage and we trained in speed negotiating. Delano was the assistant teacher and gave a lot of insight that complemented what Midori had to say.

Every graduate got a certificate, a six-foot bamboo pole and a canvas toybag perfect for carrying our rope. I highly recommend this course and I hope Midori will teach an advanced version at some point.

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

With just a little bit of rope…

“We just wanted to thank you again for helping us improve our intimacy – both emotional and physical… Who’d have thought you could do that with a little bit of rope???

“Sincerely, we had the best time at the Rope Dojo and you are the most fabulous teacher. The gift of confidence and knowledge that you’d given us just keeps on giving (and giving… we’re wearing each other out!) What fun!!!

With greatest love & respect
M & M from Baltimore”

Midori will teach you how to think.

Most anyone can teach you how to tie a knot, Midori will teach you how to think. Her emphasis on the mental aspects, the theater, and history of rope are what make this dojo a must attend for both beginners as well as seasoned rope tops..
Monk (Ropemaker and Rigger)

An Absolutely Brilliant Sex Educator

Midori is an absolutely brilliant sex educator, and I can’t recommend her teachings highly enough. She is truly one of the most erotically gifted people I’ve ever come across (pun intended), and lucky for us, she’s willing to share all she knows and has experienced. Midori will inspire you to have a more pleasure filled and ecstatic life.

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex Over Your Love Life (Penguin)

I can’t believe how much a learned in so little time.

” Hi everyone,

I am still totally blown away by the Rope Dojo this weekend in Montreal!

I can’t believe how much a learned in so little time. I basically arrived on Saturday morning knowing VERY little about bondage other than knowing that I adore being on either end of the rope. I left Sunday evening feeling confident that I could safely have an amazing bondage scene.

I feel as if the dojo got me started on my path towards a lifetime of learning all about ropes.

Needless to say, Midori is a sensational educator. I’ve witnessed this in several of her workshops in the past but it was even more apparent this weekend.

DeLano’s funny yet quiet, respectful nature was a perfect compliment to Midori. He made me laugh, learn, and feel his love for the ropes.

Kelly and Michelle were absolutely perfect. The way that they simply hinted at the next step that was stumping me was exactly what I needed They unassumingly made their way around the room and they always seemed to be there when I was starting to struggle. Thank you both so much!

The only downside – I’m unsure how I will ever be able to do the alien baby knot without making that dreadful sound! lol

Bravo to you all!


I was blown away with the understanding and helpfulness of everyone in the room!

“The dojo was FANTASTIC. Seriously, awesome. I wasn’t comfortable at the time with saying how yours and Delano’s demonstration affected me, but I can say now it was very moving.

Beyond that, the gatling techniques mixed with theory and safety was a perfect mix.

Plus, as a first-timer, it was absolutely incredible to meet such wonderful people involved with all of this — I was blown away with the understanding and helpfulness of everyone in the room!


ps – the one thing I noticed, and loved, about your demo takedown, was the push and pull of tension — it wasn’t a smooth ramp, and the peak wasn’t the end. It was a jagged ramp of tenderness and dominance, and it really spoke to the part of me that can hardly talk back yet.
In time!

Simon – Montreal

Thank you for this incredible experience that was the Rope Dojo

Hello Midori,

Thank you for this incredible experience that was the Rope Dojo. I first saw you on HBO’s Real Sex many years ago and was looking forward to seeing you in action.

I did not have any specific expectations going in (to me it was the only vacation I could afford (timewise and moneywise) this year. As such it was very effective as well as I forgot all about the stressful work tasks coming this week. Not only do I come out of this training with a better understanding of the subject matter but a better understanding of myself. I have also gained more confidence when it comes to being able to accomplish a task without having done it before.

I just finished teaching two back-to-back personalized MS Project sessions and used techniques learned this weekend to gather information about my trainee’s experience level, plot and offer a list of training activities to fit their needs. I was really tempted to ask: “What do you look or sound like when your multimedia project is going well?”

As I get ready to fight to turn my soon ending contract position into a full-time position or interview for the job of my dreams, I thank you for a week-end that has been an all-around boost to my self-confidence, especially in a group setting (although the hot guy that I was with helped a lot too ).

Miss Eva Vavoom