Full Weekend Intensive Rope Dojo® weekend intensive is lead by Dojo founder, Midori, and exceptional bottoming skills instructor DeLano, along with a seven person team of the Dojo Cadre.

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Rope dojo logo simpleTime:
Instruction lasts for 8 and a half hours. Instructions starts 10am and ends 7pm, unless otherwise noted.
Doors open at 9:30am. Come in for morning nosh, coffee and extra practice time!

The locations will vary in each city. We find a large, kink positive space with plenty of room to practice!

Because of the intensive nature of the material and instruction, this course is usually limited to only 30 participants.

  • The next East Coast Rope Dojo is July 20 - 21, 2019 in Baltimore
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  • The next West Coast Rope Dojo is Fall of 2019 in San Francisco Date TBD
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    Course Details:
    A Rope Dojo Weekend Intensive from Basic to Advanced with Midori and special guest instructor, DeLano. Want to learn about rope bondage? Frustrated with short workshops and demos? Do you want personalized attention to improve every aspect of your rope techniques? Are you ready for the disciplined approached to take you to the next level? Have you wanted to know what Midori teaches her personal rigger apprentices? Are you a total rope beginner with the motivation to move past your hesitation and blow your lover’s mind with hot scenes? Are you a master of the basics who’s ready for a real challenge?

    Spend a full and concentrated weekend with the First Lady of Rope Bondage, Midori. DeLano, of DeLano Bound, will be the co-presenter sharing the heart and soul of the rope bottom experience. From solid foundations to the advanced skill of speed, flow and psychological scene building, they’ll put you through the paces and improve you in the Rope Dojo® class.

    Your Full Weekend Package Includes:
    •16 hours + of concentrated instruction from Midori and Delano with lots of hands-on practice.
    •Continental breakfast both days
    •Catered lunch both days*
    •Limited edition commemorative graduation gift
    •Free bamboo for play, as seen in many Japanese bondage imagery
    •Certificate of Graduation ready for framing
    •Saturday evening private play party at class site. Free for registered students, $15 for additional guests. (RSVP on Saturday required as space is limited.) 8pm to midnight.** This is available at most Rope Dojo locations but not all. Please check the details for the Rope Dojo of your choosing.

    Saturday “Day 1: Fundaments of Technique and Scene Dynamics”
    •Safety, rope selection, basic knots, rope care
    •Basic Two-Column Tie, Body Harness, Sex Bondage, Basics of Shibari. Freestyle Bondage
    •Psychology and Emotional Dynamics of Rope, Dominance and Scene Control
    •History of Japanese Rope Bondage
    •Speed Drills

    Sunday “Day 2: Mastering Rope”
    •Speed Drills
    •Problem Solving Skills
    •Creativity Exercise
    •Getting into Their Minds: Building and assessing desire
    •Visions and Perversions: Learn to think and create with mastery, art and power
    •And more

    All exercises will be done by everyone. This means that everyone ties and feels the ties on them. This may be uncomfortable or novel for some of you, but rest assured that it’s made easy and safe. This makes for bottoms to be much better bottoms and tops to be much better tops. It’ll broaden your perspective and give you better tools to have your needs met in the long run.

    If you are in a dominant-submissive relationship where the emotional dynamic of the relationship is set, this won’t be a conflict. As headspace is not expected, one can command the other to tie well. Or you might find it fun to pair up and practice with different people in the Rope Dojo to fulfill the exercise requirements

    Wear comfortable clothing. Bring large towels, yoga mats, pillows etc if you’d like. It does make things more comfortable. Bring lots of rope and a pair of safety shears or rope cutters.

    Some suggestions on rope you might want to bring per person:
    •4 pieces of 12 feet
    •4 pieces of 30 or 35 feet rope
    •Thin cord such as parachute cord or thin cotton cord
    •Nylon, cotton, pre-treated hemp and jute are all great
    •Avoid climbing rope
    •More rope the merrier!

    Pre-purchase books and pre-treated Japanese hemp rope using your credit card when you register for the Rope Dojo® class and we’ll bring them to the Rope Dojo for you!

    Be prepared to shop at the event! Midori will bring a small supply of her pre-treated Japanese hemp rope, the instructional book “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”, her other writings, Michele's bondage photography and other items for sale during the weekend.

    * We try our best to accommodate needs of those who are vegetarians. If you do have less common dietary restrictions we ask that you consider bringing the food and snacks that you enjoy.

    Registration dates and cancellation refund cut off dates: Varies for each course. Click on the specific Rope Dojo and you’ll see.

    Hotel suggestion list for each city available upon request.

    From time to time we offer special Rope Dojo Electives: These are short classes focusing on specific topics and are open to Dojo Graduates and future Dojo students.