It has taken me a couple days to process all that occurred for me this weekend as what was conveyed was so incredibly powerful. You, Delano, Michelle, Mateo and Dart did a wonderful job of creating a warm, safe, welcoming and invigorating space to experience lessons beginning, but certainly reaching far beyond, Rope. It is true that I entered your Dojo ignorant and insecure about my rope skills and I now feel a great confidence and eager desire to learn more, but I learned so much more.

You have distilled down well, the essence of what matters and motivates our deep yet simple desires for play. This genuine expression and thoughtful pathway to it, were incredibly enlightening and grounding.

The radiant peace and happiness expressed by Delano after your play, spoke volumes about the integrity of your own learning and exploration. Thank you so much for this incredible gift. This weekend was worth far more than the cost of attendance and will propel forward my own play in rich and meaningful ways.

--Frank C