Two weekends ago, Michele, Delano, Seraphin and I headed down to The Crucible in Washington DC for Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo. Wow! Sixteen full hours of rope education spread over two days. Midori is a great teacher who explains everything fully as she demonstrates and then works with everyone in the class as everybody the does it on each other. Everybody was expected to switch and everybody did. I had heard that we would be given speed drills and team projects and I was a little apprehensive about those, but when it came to actually doing it, I was confident in being able to do everything and I managed just fine – actually better than fine! These exercises actually made it even easier to learn everything.

And there was a lot to learn: four different two-column ties, two body harnesses, hand and foot bondage, a dildo harness and, at the end, we learned how to do self-suspension. We also were taught the history of Japanese rope bondage, the many reasons (intents) why people like to do rope bondage and we trained in speed negotiating. Delano was the assistant teacher and gave a lot of insight that complemented what Midori had to say.

Every graduate got a certificate, a six-foot bamboo pole and a canvas toybag perfect for carrying our rope. I highly recommend this course and I hope Midori will teach an advanced version at some point.

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!