I also attended Midori’s dojo in Toronto. While I’m not a novice I still consider myself very new to rope. My experience was that it didn’t matter whether you were new to rope or experienced. Each tie, knot, concept was presented in such a way that everyone was able to follow along and end up at the same place at the same time. Midori and her assistant, or co-facilitator, DeLano, were extremely adept at teaching everyone in a way that did not intimidate us acolytes (or someone who is shy like me) and yet challenged those with more skill. For me, by the end of the weekend my confidence and understanding of rope, rigging and bottom psychology increased ten fold, and, I have oodles of fun both during and after the workshop! (thank you Midori! *grins*)

Advice… hmmm… wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove if you feel like it. Take a small blanket or a huge towel, be prepared to meet some really coool people and have a lot of fun, oh yes, ask lot’s of questions because there will be people there who have much knowledge to share with you.

Take care… enjoy… and even though I’ve already ‘graduated’, I’d do it again!