"Thank you for a terrific dojo experience. I feel very fortunate to have been part of your dojo. You and your cadre brought your hearts and passion, skill and compassion, and your joy to us all.
It was wonderful to reconnect with you as you shared some of your richest work.you made me feel special. I had a wonderful time. And what a sweet partner I met, too! Intense immersion is my favorite kind of learning. I do best with the kind of small ratio of students to instructors that you chose for this weekend. I felt supported and patient, and more confident as we went along.

The negotiation piece really got my attention, because of the clever and entirely doable way you brought all the critical elements together. I'd love to borrow some elements of that, with credit to you, and build those into the negotiation workshop I give with TouchDeep. That grew out of what we learned from Things Gone Wrong. The dialogue about "what does it look/sound like when things are great, bad, and beige" was wonderful. I used that right away.

You opened into thing that I most wanted: how to create and sustain the intimate human connection in play. When I was talking through my experience with TouchDeep, my poly partner, we agreed that with not just rope or suspension but with all kink, one of the biggest risks is loss of intimacy amidst toys, tools and technique. I want more on that.

You said it often, and you walked your talk: it's not about the rope. You hit a deep nerve when you asked how people felt when they were untied too quickly. Many people immediately responded with a lot of emotion about how awful that felt.

You've got me thinking about the class I want to create: on deepening intimate connection in our kink play.
I loved the ties you chose, the way you taught, the structure, the catering, the pace, the speed drills, the soulful scene with DeLano, and your vulnerability and openness. Your talk de-mystifying of the origins of shibari was great. The panel on suspension rightly slowed down my thought process to consider clearly my INTENT. You are absolutely right that there is a huge rush for suspension with scant discussion of setting and harmonizing intention among partners. There is so much to learn on the floor.

It may seem small to you, but you can count as an achievement that one of the things I learned and put into practice was to understand my intent in being there - to deepen my understanding of intimacy and support my cherished relationships - and to make choices that are in integrity with my intention."
Heartbound (April 2013)