Hello Midori,

Thank you for this incredible experience that was the Rope Dojo. I first saw you on HBO’s Real Sex many years ago and was looking forward to seeing you in action.

I did not have any specific expectations going in (to me it was the only vacation I could afford (timewise and moneywise) this year. As such it was very effective as well as I forgot all about the stressful work tasks coming this week. Not only do I come out of this training with a better understanding of the subject matter but a better understanding of myself. I have also gained more confidence when it comes to being able to accomplish a task without having done it before.

I just finished teaching two back-to-back personalized MS Project sessions and used techniques learned this weekend to gather information about my trainee’s experience level, plot and offer a list of training activities to fit their needs. I was really tempted to ask: “What do you look or sound like when your multimedia project is going well?”

As I get ready to fight to turn my soon ending contract position into a full-time position or interview for the job of my dreams, I thank you for a week-end that has been an all-around boost to my self-confidence, especially in a group setting (although the hot guy that I was with helped a lot too ).

Miss Eva Vavoom