You’ll get something out of Midori’s Dojo regardless of what level you’re at going in.

Where most classes teach specific rope skills and techniques, or simply showcases the instructor’s expertise, Midori’s Rope Dojo takes you to the next level by skillfully teaching and facilitating development of intensive scene dynamics, ropecraft concepts, enhanced communication between rigger and rope bottom, and faster, more powerful, more artful, and more creative ropecraft ties, style, and finesse.

Sukebe that I am, there’s no question that I hold Midori’s Rope Dojo in the highest esteem. Not only did I take home some yummy bamboo and a delicious t-shirt, I took home the ability to do better and more creative scenes and ropework, as well as concepts for continued improvement. Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend it to anyone striving to improve their ropecraft or enhance their scenes, regardless of experience level. How cool is a “class” and instructor that can do that?

Cheers (and thank you Midori),