I must leave a review for Midori's Rope Dojo in San Francisco Jan. 17 - 18, 2015. I lived in San Francisco about 9 years and had heard this name, Midori, floating around. It has always been uttered with a spark of delight....it's like people cannot say her name with smiling inside. Only after moving from the city was I able to attend one of her weekend intensives. I guess it's true what they say..."you have to leave home to find it." And that, I did. I came into the rope dojo with no specific expectations but with a great deal of baggage - literally and figuratively. I came in confused by rope. What is "correct?" Am I a "novice" until I can suspend someone? What if a certain style of tying doesn't appeal to me? Am I sophisticated enough to take a class like this? How can I incorporate some of what i learn if I'm not a "master?" Midori took every notion I had and turned it on its ear. She is creative, generous, uninterested in labels, uninterested in perfection and completely stoked and sparked by human connection. The couples that attended this dojo walked away touching and holding each other in a very different way. Those of us who came singly increased our skill set, but we also broke through walls with each other. We dropped fear by the door and took risks, started becoming confident, reached out to strangers and made connections and just...plain....had....fun. There is not praise enough for this class - you will not be disappointed if you give yourself this gift. I walked away changed, challenged, educated, curious and seeing with eyes that now say, "I want. I desire. I can."