” Hi everyone,

I am still totally blown away by the Rope Dojo this weekend in Montreal!

I can’t believe how much a learned in so little time. I basically arrived on Saturday morning knowing VERY little about bondage other than knowing that I adore being on either end of the rope. I left Sunday evening feeling confident that I could safely have an amazing bondage scene.

I feel as if the dojo got me started on my path towards a lifetime of learning all about ropes.

Needless to say, Midori is a sensational educator. I’ve witnessed this in several of her workshops in the past but it was even more apparent this weekend.

DeLano’s funny yet quiet, respectful nature was a perfect compliment to Midori. He made me laugh, learn, and feel his love for the ropes.

Kelly and Michelle were absolutely perfect. The way that they simply hinted at the next step that was stumping me was exactly what I needed They unassumingly made their way around the room and they always seemed to be there when I was starting to struggle. Thank you both so much!

The only downside – I’m unsure how I will ever be able to do the alien baby knot without making that dreadful sound! lol

Bravo to you all!