I had the pleasure of attending your 2 day rope dojo in SF this past weekend, and felt compelled to write.

To describe the weekend with words like amazing or incredible does not really do it justice, transcendent seems more fitting.

As a top, I have always had love of restraint and control, but had always utilised cuffs, shackles, scarves, ties, or similar until now.

Being able to experience first-hand the beauty and physicality of rope in such an environment was a unique opportunity I am glad to have been able to take advantage of.

Witnessing its effect on devotees was very enlightening, and having to submit to being harnessed and tied myself as part of the exercise gave me a new perspective from the other side as it were as well.

This has opened an entire new door and path for me to explore, and without your openness, guidance, and sharing it would not have been possible. I look forward to attending an elective or class in the future.

--Paul. January 2015